Saturday, June 23, 2007

Higher, higher Gasoline

As more, and more people see the price of gasoline fuel continue to rise; they will turn away from gasoline powered cars, and turn to biofuel powered cars like biodiesel. Much of the media is now predicting that the price of gasoline will reach an all time high of $4.00 a gallon before the summer’s end, with more and more people traveling for vacation time. The answer does not lie in hybrid gasoline cars, but alternative cars that run on biofuel produced from algae oil farmed in the desert instead of valuable agriculture to feed the masses. Yes, that green slim stuff you kill in your swimming pool with algaecide could be the very thing that will replace ever growing more expensive gasoline fuel. Biodiesel fuel is superior to petroleum diesel fuel, and is much better for our environment than petroleum diesel will ever be. Biodiesel fuel can be made for as little as 45¢ per gallon. Gasoline cars just don’t make any since any more. So, why are we not trying to use biodiesel fuel instead of gasoline fuel? We have to switch from gasoline powered cars to diesel powered cars. We need to be manufacturing diesel cars that are ready to run on biodiesel fuel. The only alteration to the current diesel cars to run biodiesel is to switch the fuel lines out to a clear plastic fuel line, instead of rubber fuel lines. Biodiesel is an extremely good solvent. Another small draw back of biodiesel is that it will gels at low temperatures, but a heated fuel tank will solve that problem. If gasoline prices continue to go higher, and higher gasoline hybrid cars still would not make much since either. From economical standpoint gasoline hybrid cars will not stand a chance at competing with biofuel hybrid cars. Yes if someone can make gasoline hybrid car, someone can make biofuel hybrid car. The technology is already there, but not in place. If we can send men to the moon, we can make biofuel hybrid cars. It’s just a matter of retooling the factories that manufacture our current gasoline vehicles.

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